Welcome to The Hooker’s Guide to Needles

No, this blog does not have anything to do with prostitutes or drug habits, though most fiber arts will say that their craft is addictive. This blog is for fiber artists, mainly knitters and crocheters, who want to learn new things. I will be creating videos and photo tutorials to support the techniques I cover and will be exploring everything from beginner basics to advanced skills. I will also be developing new classes and patterns and will share the details of those here. If my teaching calendar fills up, I will add a calendar to help you all track, aka stalk, me. However for now, my official teaching is mostly limited to Fiber Fusion NW, where this year I will be teaching Beginning Crochet (Saturday morning) and Tunisian Crochet (Sunday morning). There will also be two demos, Crocheting Edges on Knitted Items and Troubleshooting 101. Be sure to check their calendar for the times and I will also share them here when I have the times.

SmartCat Studios
SmartCat Studios logo

I would like to thank both of my very talented daughters for their work on both my logos. My oldest, DragonNightArt worked my original SmartCat Studios logo several years ago. She has done quite a bit of work for myself and Mad Cow Yarn over the last few years, as well as On a Quest for Fiber and the Knitting Mama.


Hookers Guide to Needles
The Hooker’s Guide to Needles

When I was searching for a blog name, my first preference I found was already being used by another fiber artist and to avoid confusion I racked my brain for another one. I eventually went to my daughters and my youngest suggested “The Hooker’s Guide to Needles” and had an idea for the logo, so I let her run with it and was not disappointed. Her creativity certainly shows through and while she is just starting her art career, I’m sure Saphushia will be just as popular and successful as her older sister.

I hope to have many followers and that you all enjoy what I share. If you have specific techniques, stitches or skills that you would love to have me share here, please contact me using the form to the right and I’ll make every effort to meet those requests. Some class techniques will not be fully explained, as that defeats the purpose of paid classes, however I will do my best to meet all reasonable requests.